Have you passed your theory exam?

Do you want to try?

Congratulations Driver!

I’m very happy to see you here. Congratulations on passing your theory exam!

Now I am at your complete disposal. Choose a lesson pack, then let’s meet and get driving!!

Do you remember the 1-2-3 method for passing your theory? Did it work? Of course it did! Now let’s go for the practical with the same method..

The 1-2-3 method


These packs are designed to make your learning faster and more efficient. It also saves you money.


Get in touch and book the days and times that suit you to do your practical driving lessons. If none of the packs fit your needs, we can set up another, just for you.

3 - Practice

You deserve all of my attention. You will be the only student in the car, so no distractions and no waiting around. The time you pay for is for actual driving time, breaks are separate.